Freddy’s Franchise Owner Spotlight:

Jo Williams

Jo Williams

Former St. Louis Rams player, Jo Williams, became a first-time Franchise Owner when he invested in a Freddy’s location in Alabama in January 2020. Though he had done online research on several different franchising concepts, Freddy’s stood out as the top franchise opportunity.

How Did Freddy’s Differ From Other Burger & Ice Cream Franchises?

For Williams, being a burger Franchise Owner wasn’t just about being financially successful. He was also looking for an emotionally rewarding career. Williams knew Freddy’s was the top franchise opportunity for him as soon as he met with members of the franchise development team. Williams felt respected by everyone he met from Freddy’s and appreciated how humble they were. Other concepts Williams had spoken to had come off as pushy and arrogant. Though the Corporate team was a major factor in Williams’s decision to become a burger Franchise Owner with Freddy’s, it also didn’t hurt that they’re the fastest growing chain in America!

How Does Freddy’s Offer Support to Their Burger Franchise Owners?

Once Williams became an official Freddy’s Franchise Owner, the support from Scholler and other Freddy’s Corporate team members didn’t stop. Franchise Owners are matched up with Freddy’s Franchise Business Consultants. In Williams’ case, his FBC is Brian. Brian is always accessible, and Williams describes him as a “shoulder to lean on.”
The Freddy’s Corporate team ensured a seamless transition into ownership for Williams, and they spent time getting to know each other for a true partnership.

What Is the Key to Success for a Freddy’s Franchise Owner?

In his first year as a burger Franchise Owner, Williams exceeded his sale expectations. Even during a pandemic, the rate at which Freddy’s continues to grow and open new restaurants has been a huge inspiration for Williams.
What is the key to success when embarking on a top franchise opportunity? For Williams, it was hiring awesome team members and as an owner, getting up every day and working in your restaurant. Another big factor for Williams was brand recognition. “Brand recognition is the name of the game in this business, and Freddy’s has taken the country by storm with its brand recognition,” Williams said.
Even before his Freddy’s opened, Williams made sure his location was promoted during construction, and had news coverage during the grand opening. Getting his southern Alabama community to embrace Freddy’s was a rewarding and ultimately easy task.

What Is a Day in the Life Like as a Freddy’s Franchise Owner?

Now, two years after opening his Freddy’s in Alabama, burger and ice cream Franchise Owner, Williams is looking to open his second location. On any given day, you can find him at the restaurant, assisted by his adult children and other Freddy’s employees. Williams typically spends ten hours a day at his restaurant; not because he must, but because he’s doing something he’s passionate about. “I get the opportunity to serve people something they love,” Williams said.
If customers find themselves at Williams’ Freddy’s in Alabama, he’ll be there to greet them with a smile. His menu recommendation for first timers? The Turtle Sundae and Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

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